Digital Health LEO360™ Robots

LEO360™ is a physician powered medical AI robot which allows physicians to perform live medical examinations, store and forward medical data to clinical team. LEO360™ robots have customized functionalities, enabling patients and healthcare teams to connect anywhere, anytime.

LEO360™ Robot features
Integrated Real-Time & Automated Modules including:

  • Physician-Controlled Camera Module
  • Digital Blood Pressure Module
  • Digital Pulse Oximeter Module
  • Digital Thermometer Module
  • Digital Weight Scale Module
  • Digital Stethoscope Module
  • Digital Glucometer Module
  • Digital 12 Lead EKG Module
  • Digital Spirometry Module
  • Digital Otoscope Module
  • Digital Dermatologic Module
  • Digital Imaging Module

Digital Health LEO360™ Platforms

LEO360™ platform is a connection between the patient and the physicians. It enables the physicians and medical staff to connect remotely and access medical information virtually. Lyons Global™ provides customized Digital Health Platforms based on your organization’s needs to transform your delivery care model.

LEO360™ is a secure, easy-to-use, web-based platform with a scalable and comprehensive digital health practice management system.

LEO360™ is fully intergraded and an all-in-one platform that enables healthcare systems, clinics and physicians to implement any clinical workflow anywhere and at anytime.

Digital Health LEO360™ platform Features

Practice Management System

Health Care Facility Management

Physician Management

Staff Management

Patient Management

Administrative Management

Integrated Medical Devices

Secure Messaging

HIPAA & GDPR Compliant

Physician Scheduling

Online Scheduling

On Demand Appointment

Online Payment

Digital Medical Intake Form

Digital Past Medical History

Fully Encrypted Video Visit

Robot Autopilot Management

Live Medical Examination

Real Time Health Data Transfer

PACS and Imaging

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