Isn’t just mine
It’s yours, It’s everyone’s

What is

My Clinic is an online community of physicians and patients, utilizing a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform. Here, patients can easily schedule and attend visits with their chosen healthcare providers independently. Our mission is simple: to connect patients with the doctors they need seamlessly and efficiently, without the hassle of phone calls, paperwork, or waiting rooms. 

Benefits for Physicians

Flexible Scheduling

Set your own working hours according to your availability. 

Advanced Tools

Benefit from unique features like electronic medical records, referral networks, patient messaging, and document upload capabilities. 


Joining My Clinic means being listed in our directory, expanding your reach and exposure. 


Streamline your practice with My Clinic's tools and resources, making your workflow more efficient than ever. 

Direct Connection

Communicate with your patients directly, without any administrative intermediaries. It's like having your own virtual clinic. 

Networking Opportunities

Connect with colleagues and seek their opinions through the Doctors Portal. Utilize this networking advantage to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and enhance patient care outcomes.